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Signing my life away for another year...

Two words:

I.B. - International Baccalaureate.

It's time again to fill out schedules and I find myself choosing the classes that will upset me, stress me out, and downright tear me to pieces. So why am I signing my life away? I LOVE it. For the first time in a while, I feel like I'm actually learning something that I can use. Sure, I'm spending way too much time on reading journals, but really. How many high school classes get to discuss WHY an author chose to write the way he did? It's getting into the mind of the author, reading behind the  words, that interests me. Maybe I've finally cracked under the pressure of I.B., but who cares?

Lately, I've been saying "fuck it" to a lot of things, and I'm a lot happier because of it. It's time to cut my losses, which I should've done for a while now. Life is what I'm making of it, and right now, I'm relishing that fact. I don't need others to make decisions for me. I know I'm on the path that will help forge me into the person I want to be when I'm older.

This break from the harsh winter cold it making me enjoy things more. Food tastes better, friendships seem sweeter, and overall life doesn't seem so bad. I wish it would last, but alas! As all things do, this high is going to have a shitty crash, but I'm ready to deal with it. It's always worth it in the end.



February 2009

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